The Road Trip

The landscape of the state of Texas is pure poetry. It is complicated, difficult to understand at times, and every juncture holds a new surprise and narrative. This landscape will be critical in the statewide exhibition of contemporary art that reflects the narrative of the state itself.

The TX★17 Road Trip is a component of our Biennial that will be integral to the development of the curatorial process. This adventure is critical to learn about the diverse regions, artists, and institutions that represent Texas. We will be looking at the state as a diverse place with a multitude of identities and cultures as well as a transitory, itinerant border zone within the United States itself.

The TX★17 Road Trip is also an opportunity to engage with the diverse community of artists spread across Texas and to meet the supporters of all our individual ecosystems that add to our collective identity.

Updates from the Road

Follow the TX★17 Road Trip through visual field reports filed regularly by independent curator Leslie Moody Castro. Just click on a destination below to experience the adventure! Check for updates each week.

These field reports are intended to create more transparency around the curatorial process. Leslie will be sharing her reflections and insights here throughout the trip as she navigates the complicated task of curating an expansive statewide exhibition. Within each city, you will find images and writing representing that segment of the trip.